Dictation mac os x 10.8

Here's how to set it up.

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  • How to Enable and Use Dictation in Mac OS X Mountain Lion.
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  • How to Use Dictation in Mac OS X?

Once enabled, tap the function key FN twice or whichever shortcut you selected to start or stop Dictation. You can also skip System Preferences entirely by tapping the function key twice from any window, but we think the long way is best so you can change the shortcut if you want. Keep in mind that when you use Dictation, your words and some other data are sent to Apple to be translated into text—much like when you use Siri.

How to Convert Voice to Text on a Mac

Apple says the data is used to improve voice recognition only, and not associated with any other information Apple may have about you. In the Dictation and Speech preferences, you have the choice to switch the input used for dictation to your Mac's line-in over the internal microphone. Unless you're sitting right in front of your Mac all the time, we'd suggest using a headset or dedicated microphone when you're working with Dictation. Using the internal mic isn't bad, but using a headset is definitely better and in our tests led to fewer skipped or incorrect words.

How to Convert Voice to Text on a Mac | tabcaythriles.tk

Of course, common sense also applies: speak loudly and clearly when working with dictation and you'll have better luck. No mumbling!

Dictation In Action On Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Photo by Paul Arrington. Remember, the dictation tool translates your words into text—it doesn't know much about grammar. That means if you want a comma in a sentence, or want to end a sentence with a period or exclamation point, you have to say it aloud for the app to understand what you want. It''s tricky to get into the habit of saying things like "Dear Adam comma new line thank you for sending this over to me period it's a huge help exclamation point" but you'll get the hang of it.

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The result, of course, would be:. Dear Adam, Thank you for sending this over to me. The evolution of speech to text, text to speech and Mac computer vocal command and control has a long growth trajectory. MacOS Sierra, Mojave and Catalina incorporate Siri support and continue to advance it's recognition accuracy and adding additional voice commands for editing, punctuation and formatting.

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What was once a novelty or a narrow niche application for handicapped accessibility is now entering the mainstream for everyday writing, computer navigation, or information gathering tasks. Apple's new Siri-based HomePod smart-speaker will take voice recognition to new levels of home automation, infomation access and music playback control.

Improved Vocal Recognition Technical factors have also driven the expansion of speech-based computing. Far faster microprocessors can handle the digitization and analysis of the spoken audio waveform quite rapidly. Far more sophisticated spell-check and grammar algos are deciphering meaning and intent of phrases to put spoken words in proper context and in real-time as they appear onscreen.

Auto-correct functions can interpret and fix spoken content dynamically and on the fly to deliver highly readable speech to text results that were undreamed of just a handful of years ago.

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  • How to Enable and Use Dictation in Mac OS X Mountain Lion?
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