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Luego de que hayamos introducido los datos podemos crear nuestra tabla para lo que seguiremos los siguientes pasos. Una vez que hayamos creado la base de datos, podemos usar las herramientas ubicadas debajo de las flechas desplegables junto a cada nombre de campo para ordenar o filtrar sus datos. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ChatCompose - Plataforma de ChatBots para empresas. Dejar respuesta Cancelar respuesta. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. When do you plan to start working on it? We will begin to send you information about new functions.

There is no 'somebody' here. We are only. I believe it was constructive message and you want to participate. For same difficulties to build it from sources, i have post a compiled. I invite you to collaborate with harbour project writing same document. HbQtCommand is a wrapper to make graphics applications with Harbour.

HbQtCommand support all HbQt platforms. Can you point me to his documentation system? Next Tuesday! You know, we have the carnival festival here, which begin today already Saturday and will last till Monday..

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Seriously though, I must admit that I was not ready for such an involvement challenge,. Now, about the documentation subject, I didn't say it is an "easy" task.

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Besides, the quality levels of harbour development have been set too high,. That said, I'm not sure that I am the most qualified person to become a harbour documentor. I know that "having some ideas" about how things must be done like the "thought" i did post in my previous message ,. However, no job can be done without a basic plan, which in turn is based on "some ideas".

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My very basic idea is that we must start creating a functions reference skeleton, keeping some fundamental priorities:. For now, this is all i can think plus that i am willing to offer my limited time and my broken english, but since i am not a technical writer. I just say: okay, send me whatever texts you think are appropriate for starting and give me some time to study "if and how" i could edit and give a form to them. Even better, if you have a more elaborated plan, please let me know how i could help.

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The idea is based in a demo program that is composed by a lot a mini prg ,. I think is bette to you download th source forge SVN an see it. I have svn version of hbqtcommand but running the demo i not find a. From daniel at base4.

From: daniel at base4. Subject: [Harbour-users] Class method support in 2. Does any body knows about "class method" support in Harbour 2. I was migrating from xHarbour 0. The example class is:. And in another source file, I'm accessing bar method like this:. Note that this same code works in xHarbour 0. Looking at the PPO, I realize that the declaration of method bar turns to:. The "static" confused me. On Sat, 13 Feb , Daniel Gon?

In xHarbour they are translated to normal method and in Harbour. If you want to replicate xHarbour behavior using Harbour add this. Just simply there is not support for class objects and class.

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We plan to add support for real class methods and class objects. Yes this is correct. Thank you. Your solution works, but I code for example:. This doesn't work anymore. The run-time says that there's no exported. I've a lot. Is there any solution. On Mon, 15 Feb , Daniel Gon? Such code works without any problems.

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If you need help then please create self contain example which. You're absolutely right! I apologize for not try this simple example. I wrote a simple teste [1] and worked fine. Now I need to investigate. From gvarona at ec-red. From: gvarona at ec-red. Subject: [Harbour-users] Se puede generar desde harbour archivos Excel desde. Se puede generar desde harbour archivos Excel desde Linux nativo. Can be generated from harbor native Excel files from Linux. Subject: [Harbour-users] Re: Se puede generar desde harbour archivos Excel. From anezch at gmail.

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From: anezch at gmail. I don't know about Excel, but you can export your table as CSV that can. I usually export the table to CSV and then copy-paste it to Spreadsheet. It's a double effort but it works on me. Sorry for the late reply, i was away. About harbour's documentation i did post a message with my thoughts, replying to Mr.

However, as has already been pointed out, most of the harbour's documentation is already written and lies into several texts -old and new ones. If this is true, then the need is not "English writers" but a. I think that very few of users utilize the total of harbour's capabilities and features, not to mention that this documentation lack is an 'inhibitory factor' for new users to come, but maybe i am wrong and it's only me that have difficulty to follow the whole process. Yes i intend volunteers speaking or better, writing English for.

I think that very few of users utilize.