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Really original soundtrack.

My Rec ommendation for Gemini Rue. My Recommendation for Gemini Rue. Cyberpunk world. Poor combat sequences. Great story and aesthetics.

Developed with AC

Parallel stories. My Rec ommendation for Beat Cop. My Recommendation for Beat Cop. Players are required to make meaningful decisions that have meaningful consequences. In-game time management could have been handled a bit better. Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Point-and-click,. Deals with relevant issues. Perfectly captures the feel of classic cop shows and movies. Beautiful pixel graphics. My Rec ommendation for Samorost 3. My Recommendation for Samorost 3.

All 2. My Rec ommendation for Layers of Fear. My Recommendation for Layers of Fear. All 1. My Rec ommendation for Syberia. My Recommendation for Syberia.

How to create your own point and click adventure game

My Rec ommendation for Oxenfree. My Recommendation for Oxenfree. Deep story. My Rec ommendation for Kathy Rain. My Recommendation for Kathy Rain. All 9. Kathy is a very interesting protagonist. A few puzzles are not integrated well. Genre: Adventure. Strong detective vibe.

Voice acting isn't the greatest. Mysterious characters keep the "whodunit" theme strong. Retro point-and-click style is handled extremely well. Excellent soundtrack that fits each location. Free demo available. My Rec ommendation for Fran Bow. You have 20 seconds to solve each riddle, regardless whether you lose or fail, you will be transported to next puzzle that you haven't solved yet. After solving all the puzzles, you can continue to look for all the gags. Find them to see the special ending! Nintendo DS. ZX Spectrum. Gameboy Color. Nintendo Xbox Atari Normal stuff by Cellusious.

McSos by Norgg. McPixel and Sworcery by Floriaen.

Samorost 3 point-and-click exploration adventure game - PC Mac

A very important pixel. Damn this font is sexy by Cellusious. Blackwell Meeting by Thotep. Da Bomb by tiifrvr. Guybrush McPixel by Bartje McPixels Mutha Fucking Jubilee by dncc. McZiggurat by tiifrvr. A whale of a time! Binding Of McPixel by Lloyd. Infinite Pixel by GinCocktail. McGodxel by Fabmin. Sucky art :D by John Smith. Pixel by SKArcade. McPerler by David K.

Free and visually intense point-and-click game

It appears McPixel is our only hope by Matthias Zarzecki. Pixel Copies by Super Name!

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Bingo by RJPelonia. SpecialKnives by AutisticKnives. McPixel is Beautifoool by Chris. Now with added Dimensions! McPixel american cover by Pasck. Im The Worst by Kevan. Rad portrait! Im a fanart by Val.

SLUDGE Adventure Game Engine - Home

FanFart by Alex. Mcpixel in binary by Hayden. Will it splode? The Antisocial Network by TomiP. McPixelcraft by Craig McManus. Mcpixel level 0 by Ray. Mcpixel level -1 by Ray. Mcpixel level test by Ray. Mcpixel level 0. Mcpixel level new by Ray. London Olympic McPixel by Ben. Pixelation of the Sir by Leeann Hamilton.

McCicle by Darth Silon. McCircle by Darth Silon. Peeing on the Spy by Nate. MCPixel by Michel. Day of McPixel by Lars.

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