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We are giving more and more importance to our virtual presence, activity on social media, how we act and how we are perceived online. There will be always people after your personal information or even people […]. Are you encountering an issue when trying to transfer photos from your iPhone to your PC or Mac?

Arrraggghh copying images and videos from your iPhone surely is not difficult? Selling items online can be a lucrative way to make money. Like with any business, the more streamlined and efficient the workflow is, the more you can increase sales. You can easily increase productivity and workflow by using out of the box listing tools — which can decrease the amount of time and effort it […].

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In a nutshell, an auction is a public sale in which goods are being sold to the highest bidder. Customers have a limited time to bid, and at the end of that time-frame, whoever had the highest bid […]. This package can not support the new changes eBay has made to the APIs.

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I am leaving out dozens and maybe hundreds of other applications. TL is a bit program. The bell has been ringing for years. Cheap computers, all very powerful, now bit, can support a much more powerful TurboLister. Some of the other subscription packages can do much more than TL. But these packages need to be designed and created and maintained in a changing IT environment. This is very costly. My hat is off to eBay for keeping this dinosaur running this long. I suspect they have done so for the thousands of small sellers who have helped eBay become what it is today.

The survey that eBay sent to TL users, was only that, just a survey. More options would cost much more to maintain. TL seems to be composed of a GUI graphical user interface , a Communication module, and a database engine. For a new TurboLister 3, eBay would have to build their own modules, or use interfaces to existing third party modules, in the same way as TL 2 does.

Building their own modules would be doable, but expensive.

The Mac-Centric Tools More and More eBay Sellers Use

Using third party interfaces would require eBay to pay subscription costs for each of these modules. I find it hard to believe that eBay wants to go in this direction. The centralized nature of eBay, the easy access, for the majority of eBay members, to the internet, and the vast number of servers eBay has, would tell me they are better off with their online approach to the eBay marketplace. We like the way it is mostly. But I am afraid that we must change to the environment we may see in the future, whether we like it or not. Please let me be wrong. An official download for Turbo Lister is not publicly available on our site.

Current Turbo Lister users can contact Turbo Lister customer support if they need to reinstall the tool for any reason for example, on a new computer, or if an uninstall and reinstall is needed. That team can provide a current download for those members. Yes it is. I just downloaded it. The link CAN be found via Google. I used it years ago and look forward to using it again. It's a great tool. Thanks for keeping it around! That link isn't something that we give out publicly since the tool is going to eventually be retired. Additionally, many of the downloads that are found via Google are for old versions that will not update properly.

I need to ask that links to download Turbo Lister not be shared on the Community boards. If sellers need assistance with the tool, which includes downloading it, we ask that they contact the Turbo Lister support team. You can reach them by contacting customer support and asking to be transferred to the Advanced Apps team.

As I mentioned to the moderator who admonished me for that post, I found the link in a forum post made last year by an eBay employee.

It IS something you have given out publicly. We are well past that 18 month window for TurboLister. I fully expect the demise of TL to occur very soon. For those who depend on TurboLister, it is very late, but you really need to define your strategy. What are you going to do? I do wonder how many others are out there who have internet as slow and pathetic as mine. I cannot list online with eBay My DSL phone lines are so old that a good rainstorm will bring the whole system to a crawl. Cellphone service is also just as bad That is why I don't have a smartphone I do wish they would make a decision, announce an end date for Turbo Lister and pull off the bandage I can't get enthused to create listings in Turbo Lister when it might be gone with the Spring Seller Update.

And don't tell me to use File Exchange I'd rather give birth to another child than try to plunder around in spreadsheets. There is an error in Turbo Lister than has been there forever and when asked eBay people just tell you that part of Items Specifics isn't important At this point with Turbo Lister taking its last gasps and Managed Payments knocking at the door I really don't care if I sell on eBay anymore I've loved it since but I don't know if it is worth it anymore.

I know of others who have the same issues. Many are powerusers.

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I do not know how they have gotten by for so long. I imagine that eBay can see, in their data, the communications channels, that members use. This may be the one ray of hope, if there are enough of you, eBay may They have not called me lately, to ask my opinion, so I really am as much in the dark as anyone else. I have heard that some of the packages can be reasonable for small accounts. Have you looked at any?

Each package will have it's good points and it's failings.

Turbo Lister - How to download and install - tutorial

Sometimes, a user needs to just decide to overcome the bad and get on with the job. Take FileExchange, for instance. It has a learning curve, yes. Once you get past that, it works great. But it is not perfect. It does not give you category choices to choose from. You have to find this info for yourself and plug it into the spreadsheet. It will list thousands of items at one time, after you have gone though each of those thousands, one at a time, and defined the correct category.

Also it does not give you hints about item specifics. Again, it is a one at a time, approach. But once you have done these things, you can list in batch, just like TurboLister. SellerHub is definitely a one at a time approach. My partner lists this way. Even tho I can list many more than her, at one time, she outperforms my efforts. She is a terrific typist and can go though the Advanced listing form very quickly. This, of course, requires reliable and fast communication speeds.

The eBay mobile app works well for many members. But it uses the Quick lister and that program's limited options.

Free eBay Listing Tools

I would like her to try the desktop site on a tablet. More real estate, and could use the Advanced listing form. Please include both pluses and minuses, why you still use it, or why you stopped.

On top of that Macs have to use a work around or third party app to handle Office type programs.