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This category, as much as any, should be dead simple to use. Is it a pay upfront model, or do you have to use an in-app purchase to unlock additional features? How easy is it to add new items? How easy is it to mark items as finished? Can you reuse lists like a packing list later? Does it offer a share sheet option to add via other apps?

“The best to-do list app” — The Verge.

While this might not always be necessary, it might come in handy for certain things. Wunderlist is the best shared list app, but there is also room for a simple list app to offer this feature. One of the biggest trends for me personally over the past year is how I am relying on more of the stock apps in iOS. Apple Reminders is another new entrant into my life.

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It is also native on iOS, macOS, and the web, which means you can access it anywhere and it stays in sync via iCloud. Reminders in iCloud. The initial layout makes it easy to see all of your lists and select the one you need. While adding items, pressing the return key always sends the cursor to the next line. This is helpful for bulk entering items. Marking off items is as simple as tapping the circle to the left of the item name.

Setting repeat reminders from a Mac

This will send the items to the Completed section where you can easily unmark them for list reuse. Another aspect where Reminders shines is the alert functionality.

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  • GoodTask: a smart reminder and task manager for your Mac;
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Alerts can be triggered by time at 6: Thanks to GPS technology, Reminders will prompt you with an alert when you arrive home. The native integration to Siri, for me, is a game changer with reminders.

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For better or worse, Siri integration has come to third-party apps in a limited fashion. While I am hopeful Apple will allow list apps to hook into Siri in the future, Reminders is the only current app that has access. If you have a Family Sharing account , a central list between your family members is created automatically.

You can also share a list with any iCloud account as well by simply typing in their iCloud account on the share sheet. Another area where Reminders is super helpful is with the share sheet menu. If you are on Amazon, you can easily add that book to your list without ever launching Reminders.

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Just tap the Share icon, tap Reminders , and choose your list. Reminders has come a long way in recent years. It started as an app I rarely used, but over time it has received a lot of attention with subsequent iOS updates. I highly recommend it as the best simple list app. Do is a free app with a subscription for unlimited collaboration, recurring items, location-based reminders, and themes.

I did find some of the UI to be a little tricky to use. Within the dashboard, you can sort reminders into projects, giving you ultimate organization options. Setting up recurring reminders gives you all you need to set up habit-based activities. Microsoft purchased Wunderlist in For now, though, Wunderlist is still touted as one of the best task management tools.

Wunderlist Free. Looking to go a step further with your reminders? Todoist brings high-grade productivity software and combines it with elegant design. Are you using it to its full potential? Get the most out of Todoist and review the features you may have missed. Read More. Using natural language input makes it easy to add tasks and due dates in no time. Recurring reminders help you set routine nudges for important activities. The more organized you become, the better.

Todoist Free, subscription available. Later is a basic reminder app for iOS and Mac. Its unique approach allows you to plot out reminders based on real-life presets.

The project manager you always needed

Scheduling a reminder to appear three hours later or tomorrow evening is a perfect way to plan. You can easily customize the presets and save time by setting specific due dates and timings. Doo delivers a card-based interface with the ability to add open-ended or date-based tasks. Create repeating reminders, add checklists on each reminder, customize interval times, and set up presets for morning and evening hours to add reminders in a snap.

Like Later, Doo 2 runs from the menu bar and comes highly reviewed thanks to its stunning visuals. You can even set location-based reminders on Doo for when you arrive or leave. And syncing with the iOS app will allow you to stay updated anywhere. Due delivers the ability to set simple reminders with lots of customization.

Apple reminders, How to CREATE and SYNC reminders between Apple Watch, iPhone and MacBook Pro

Use it to create reusable countdown reminders for all your tasks, from kitchen chores to work-based activities. This is one of the features that makes Due stand out in this lineup. Adding new items to Due is basic, but with quick smart input, adding reminders is fast. Due is smart and reacts to your needs. Many people appreciate GoodTask 3 as an alternative without the need to leave Apple Reminders and Calendar behind.

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GoodTask 3 allows you to manage your reminders, lists, and calendars using a multitude of viewing options including list, day, week, month, and year view. With smart lists, you can create filtered reminders based on priorities, location, overdue, tags, text, and much more. With the ability to manage reminders, WeDo also focuses on habits too. Using the simple recurring habit tool, you can separate reminders from habits. WeDo packs in the ability to organize using a planner for easy management of your work and personal plans.

Along with this are functions to create and manage your reminders, add checklists, keep track of homework, plot to-do lists, and manage bills.