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The code seems to not build properly on fedora Can this be fixed? Build on Fedora 20 segfaults at start for some reason. I could not find a way to request a support ticket for this in the bugs menu. Removing this file from the Makefile and re-compiling results in a running qtgrace. This is a great stable port of Grace that is true to the original.

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Being able to use Grace in Windows has greatly helped my workflow. Although Grace isn't the easiest to use, this project maintains the original layout of Grace, so that's not the fault of this project. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login.

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    Windows Mac Linux. Features Import numerical data like scientific measurements, statistics, Organize and plot your data in different graphs Analyze data non-linear curve fitting, fft, filters, Add labels, decorations and comments Save, print, export your results for example for scientific publications, homework, If you are using the binary package, qmake generates Xcode projects by default; use -spec macx-gcc to generate makefiles. For example:. Configuring with -spec macx-xcode generates an Xcode project file from project. With qmake you do not have to worry about rules for Qt's preprocessors moc and uic since qmake automatically handles them and ensures that everything necessary is linked into your application.

    Qt Developing Qt Applications on Mac OS X

    Qt does not entirely interact with the development environment for example plugins to set a file to "mocable" from within the Xcode user interface. The result of the build process is an application bundle, which is a directory structure that contains the actual application executable. The application can be launched by double-clicking it in Finder, or by referring directly to its executable from the command line, for example, myApp. If you wish to have a command-line tool that does not use the GUI for example, moc , uic or ls , you can tell qmake to disable bundle creation from the CONFIG variable in the project file:.

    You can build on The recommended way is to build on the latest version and deploy to an earlier OS X version.

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    OS X applications are typically deployed as self-contained application bundles. The application bundle contains the application executable as well as dependencies such as the Qt libraries, plugins, translations and other resources you may need. Third party libraries like Qt are normally not installed system-wide; each application provides its own copy. A common way to distribute applications is to provide a compressed disk image. The deployment tool, macdeployqt available from the OS X installers , can be used to create the self-contained bundles, and optionally also create a.

    Applications can also be distributed through the Mac App Store. Qt 5 aims to stay within the app store sandbox rules.

    Compile Qt applications for Win32 on Mac OS X