Mac keyboard trackpad not responding

Delete the file. Spotlight-V from your startup drive and any connected USB drive then restart. Some users have reported that disabling multitouch gestures in System Preferences resolves this issue. Other users report that simply disabling then re-enabling gestures resolves the problem. So check out those two locations and toggle muti-gestures off and see if this makes a difference for you!

Or try the mouse or keyboard that came with your Mac, if applicable.

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If your anti-virus software is not up-to-date, it can cause problems with accessories like keyboards and mice. So first, try updating it. These types of software often interfere with your Mac.

Macbook Pro keyboard and trackpad not working logic board repair

Problems with your trackpad often are related to the trackpad cable. The issue is typified by the cursor freezing in place, or text input becoming suddenly interrupted then catching up a few seconds later and is covered in our Mac OS X Mouse and keyboard freeze about every 3 minutes for about 10 seconds. Happened twice during this post! Unfortunately, some users have only been able to find respite by downgrading to an earlier Mac OS X version.

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Screen still frozen. Mouse is fully charged, new batteries in keyboard. No cursor, no keyboard recognition. Both are fully charged, and were working till the freeze up. Have you tried unpairing them and repairing? See if that makes any difference on performance. Another option is to forget all Bluetooth devices ever used with your Mac. You need to use first show Bluetooth in the menu bar. Mouse sluggish after upgrade to Unplugging and replugging all external devices and usb devices worked.

If not, it could be a hardware problem—set up an appointment with Apple to get your Mac inspected, if you suspect this. Mouse sluggish after upgrade macmini to Tried what you suggested. Unplugged and replugged external monitors, usb devices, works great now. What solved it for me was the Spotlight Reindex fix above. This started happening a few weeks ago, but every time it happened, shutting down and restarting by holding the power button fixed the issue.

But today it didn't. I know there are many questions like this, but I tried every single solution I found. This probably means I won't get one here either, but I want to try this before I have to go to the Apple store. I plugged in a USB keyboard to my laptop so that I could use it. I also plugged in a USB mouse, but that mouse plugs into the keyboard, not into the computer. Both worked fine. I tried an SMC reset and a PRAM reset, using both the built-in keyboard and the external keyboard for the required inputs, for a total of 4 attempted resets.

I can't really tell if they did what they were supposed to or not, but they didn't fix my keyboard. I booted in safe mode using the shift key on the external keyboard.

My keyboard and trackpad stopped working : mac

Using the one on my laptop didn't work, and it just booted normally , and the issue persisted. The other solution I saw was to disable FileVault, but it was already disabled prior to this incident. I also saw people saying plugging in a USB drive during login fixed the issue, but this didn't work either. The last solution I tried was to let the computer sit while powered off and not connected to the battery. This didn't do anything either.

I did not spill anything on my computer prior to this incident, so I have no idea why it started happening. If anyone has solutions for this that I haven't tried yet, please let me know. EDIT: I just noticed that if my computer is asleep, clicking the built in trackpad wakes it up.

MacBook keyboard issues: MacBook Pro keyboard not working

However, the trackpad doesn't do anything else. The only option left is replacement of the top case assembly itself Apple PN and given that both have failed, it's highly likely that the USB interface on the keyboard has died. Technically speaking, you could replace just your keyboard and trackpad, but it's an extremely labor intensive proposition. Even if you don't plan on undertaking that repair yourself, I do suggest you familiarize yourself with the procedure to understand what's actually involved.

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Suffice to say, it will be an expensive repair. I fixed it by just pressing the strip holding the battery. But, the fix was only temporary. It occurred again and I think it's probably because of the battery swollen issue.

1. Check for macOS Updates

We ran into this problem, apparently it is a very common problem of the MacBook Pro as a series. It's caused by a hardware problem, there is a cable between the touchpad and the motherboard that needs to be replaced. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. MacBook Pro keyboard and Trackpad not working. All solutions found have failed Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 7 months ago. Active 1 month ago.

Viewed 17k times. RothX RothX 1 1 gold badge 6 6 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. You need to replace your top case assembly.