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Texture packs have to be converted into Resource Packs, which support changing of sounds, languages and other assets. You can use this tool to convert them instantly: TextureEnder. Now I know it was quite a while ago we wrote something about Cobalt. That is becuase the guys have been working hard on putting all them nuts and bolts into the right places and now you can play Cobalt on your Mac!

About time some would say, but we are really happy with this :. I know that kinten and vraket have been working like crazy lately and it is finally paying off. The level editor has gotten crazy new features for you map creators and tonnes of bug fixes.

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And we will soon have a video of what more they have been working on the adventure mode, this one is going to be epic! For full change log and what more has been worked on, please visit this link. Also note, as already stated on this blog a couple of times, this update requires a new launcher. Download the launcher here:. This version will officially be released Monday, July 1. Big thanks!

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Scroll down about 30 lines for the changelog! Bug fixes. Fug bixes.

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Whatever you want to call them, we have them! Get your hot fresh Bug Fixes here! Big ones, small ones, fun ones or annoying ones; We have it all! Scroll down for server links and bug fix list!


This is a huge step forward for the future plugin API and will replace texture packs. The glass bridge connects to the farm south side , fairy horse enclosures west side , dinosaur park north side and cemetary east side. It is topped off with a glass dome, where the Nether Portal and birds used to reside. Cupquake would return to the village many times to get married, receive gifts, visit, and to get divorced.

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A prison was created for Roger to live in, it was created in episode Cupquake put Roger in the prison because she assumed he killed her husband, as revealed in her "dream. Cupquake's world for season 1 is available for free download here. Wait five seconds and then click skip ad in the upper right corner. I have attatched the picture of the green download button. After it has finished downloading, extract the zip file.

 OptiFine Minecraft Mac (HD Texture Packs)  (1.3.2) Review/ Installation Tutorial

You can do this with a program like winzip or winrar, or you can get your parents to help you with this part if you can't figure it out. Drag the. Minecraft folder there to your desktop. Then, open the Minecraft Old Launcher that was in the folder you downloaded. Type in your minecraft account and password. It will say it could not connect.

Select play offline. It should be working. To get your old Minecraft data back, drag the new.

This will not work on a mac. Minecraft Oasis uses many mods, each mod adds to the full experience of the series. Some mods play a very large role in creating the series and making it unique to other series.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Minecraft Oasis Ep. It has gained over one million views since it was uploaded.