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Just don't consider the cheapest model. The only Apple notebook really worth consideration for music-making is the MacBook Pro. Just bear in mind the fans can get loud, if you're recording in the same room. Apple has updated the MacBook Pro range twice in so they all have the Touch Bar - which might come in handy with some music production software. The entire MacBook Pro range is decent depending on your budget and needs.

Just note that the cheapest two 13in models only have two Thunderbolt 3 ports. Exlore the MacBook Pro range. If funds are low, the Mac mini is a reasonably good choice for making music. The cheapest option is the 3. Since Apple updated the mini in October we've been pleasantly surprised by just how good the machine is. And it just so happens that Apple showed us a demo of someone using the mini to produce and record music.

Read our Mac mini review. As promised, a new Mac Pro is arriving autumn fall and this machine is a beast. This is overkill for most music production but if you want the most powerful machine possible - perhaps if you want to do other work with it too - then you're looking right at it. You might, however, run out of money paying for the thing. If you're looking for a Mac that will simply stay put in a studio bedroom or otherwise , then look to the iMac. The big question is; which Mac should you choose?

Here is a guide that will help you choose the best Mac for music production. The truth is that you can actually choose either. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider what you are used to and who it is that you are collaborating with. The main reason why many people prefer Mac is because of some music production software that is only available for Mac operating systems. The guidelines below will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing an appropriate Mac for music production.

These are not just different in sizes but in capabilities as well. When buying the best Mac for music production, consider the kind of work you do. Do you work from one point where all the musicians come to you? Or do you move from place to place creating musi? The latter situation requires a Mac that is portable while the prior can do with a desktop. Other than portability, consider what other equipment you will be using with the Mac and ensure that the one you get has all the necessary connectivity options.

When it comes to making music, these connections are necessary. You will need ports to connect microphones, USB instruments, monitors and other equipment as necessary as you make music. The MacBook Air lacks enough screen space and power and is hence not an ideal music production computer.

The hardware is what determines how powerful the Mac will be. Here are the most important hardware components to look at:. Since most Macs will not allow you to upgrade the RAM, later on, you have to get it right from the first time as you buy it. Ensure that the RAM of the computer you buy is 8GB or above because anything less than this will give you trouble when doing professional work.

High-end audio and video work are particularly processor intensive. Go for a Mac that is fitted with the best processor at the time. Avoid low priced Macs that are fitted with weak CPUs if you will be using professional plugins and effects in producing your music. This Apple mac really does kick ass regarding ability and quality; the classic aluminum matte finish is sleek and modern. However, the Apple iMac pro is expensive, and this is mainly because of the Apple brand it sits under. Many Apple products are known for being great quality, but that comes at a large expense too. Why We Liked It - Apple is a great quality brand that is always producing top pieves of technology.

Best Laptop For Music Production: 13 Of The Best In 2018!

This is because there are so many ideal apps to download and make your music even better than before. Now for those of you who want something a little more stable that screams the best music producer around. It has the ultimate quality and is seen in the industry as the best mac for music production. Yet, it is a big investment.

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This model overall, a great product to invest in. You want to make sure your equipment is everything you ever want and getting this model is definitely an ideal choice. Coming in at a slightly lower price than the top 3 is the HP Envy laptop for music producing. However, while the colors are solid and produce an impressive result, it lacks a lot of features that Apple and other Windows PCs or laptops have.

Why We Liked It - Sometimes you want to produce your music on a trustworthy and reliable laptop that you can take anywhere with you. Equipped with a inch display and a powerful Xeon quad core processor, this Lenovo model is the perfect answer to all your questions. Unlike other models, the Lenovo ThinkPad is designed with a matte black color and has the same quality keys too which is a smart finish and a nice touch.

Our checklist for computers for making music

Dell has raised the bar with this cutting edge Dell XPS 15 model with the latest technological advances. This includes a 4K resolution, a Core Intel i7 processor and windows For all those music producers who like to own a quality laptop that will last a long time and be your ultimate reliable partner in crime, this laptop is the investment you need to make.

ThisDell XPS is exactly an example of this. One of the more affordable gaming laptops, this Acer model is not just good for killing zombies and fast car chases. The design of this Acer Predator model is pretty unique.

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It has red features but is mainly matte black with a cool pattern on it. It also features a neatly designed logo on the front of it which is a nice touch.

New iMac for Audio Production in 2019 - Good buy, or save your money?

The laptop is built with the user in mind and is pretty solid so you can rely on it, even if it falls or gets dropped a few times. Battery life is a key element to every laptop, especially when it comes to music production. This Acer Aspire has a battery life that lasts longer than 9 hours and performs very impressively. We would only suggest you get a laptop or backpack to carry this Acer laptop in. It produces music well and lasts a long time! Likewise, in the Pro model, it has a high-quality screen that can display clear and crisp images.