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MAC MILLER : I'm Not Real lyrics

Passport, filling it up with stamps Set a camp up on my land, swam the rivers of Japan She keep on asking for a rack so I ran Looking back, like you can't see who I am Think my bitch don't know me no more Cause every time she's sad I can't console her no more If money buy you love, then love's not enough So tell my why you on your knees crying to the floor If you had the chance, would you take the time you need to make it right? The clouds are gray but would you pay the price to paint them white?

Might have a baby on the way, 'cause I been going in raw It feels better, that real pleasure I'm not real, I think I never was I get a rush every time she let me get a touch I need to feel that love I need to feel that pain My garden hasn't been growing so can you bring that rain I keep my head up high A little fed up lies They always tell me where my mind is on this LP I don't exist Hieroglyphics Pyrotechnics Metaphysics Telekinetics put 50k on my credit card Looking for answers, I'm searching but I ain't getting far Let's get it on, I'm real like Tenenbaums in Lebanon Decepticons, hit it till my head is gone Point me to the road, and I'ma run it Bloodhound with my nose to the money Ain't fucking with these hoes Getting duckets till I die While my foes busy running, fuck it Marijuana smoke in my stomach, toast it in public Head in the clouds, my toes in the struggle Like who didn't test yet?

Test this Few new rules in effect, bitch.

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Beg your pardon this my third life. I'm parking on the turnpikes.

Searching for the circus lights. These demons never worked for Christ.

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  5. Ain't fuckin with no churches, we was all about that murder life. Samurai, murk you like you sure I'm nice. Syrup turn to purple Sprite, you find that shit that we already know.

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    Sick of politickin, as they talkin, trying not to listen. No comments:.

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