Best mac irc chat client

Using the directions above, make a New Network like AnonopsTor or whatever you choose that will be used with Tor since the server address and port are different.

Chat Client

The server will be anonopsvcpz6z. Make sure the User Name under your nickname is the username ident you have registered for Tor. Then open Xchat Azure preferences and select Network Setup. Change nothing else on that page. Click OK. You should now be able to connect using Tor.

Important: To go back to a non-Tor network you will have to come back to this preference and choose disabled for the proxy type. You can leave the other fields as they are. Xchat Azure is compliant with all Xchat standard commands and can be used to connect to both Tor and non-Tor servers at the same time Tor must be running! This is useful for testing your Tor setup while requesting Tor access with our network. Colloquy is a graphical IRC client for Macs that can be somewhat easier for beginners to use.

Best IRC Clients for Windows:

It is not recommended for power users. There is a mobile version for iOS available for a nominal fee. Now whenever you want to connect you just highlight your created Anonops network and click connect. After you register your nick, the next time you connect Colloquy will ask for the password you set, and here you can check the box to remember your password and it will log you in automatically.

You can fine tune your connection details by highlighting the connection in the Connections window and click Info. Here you can see your password and other info. Click the Automatic tab and select "Open Console on connect" if desired. You can also automatically join rooms listed here. Colloquy weirdness: Sometimes after clicking connect, nothing seems to be happening.

Wait a bit, sometimes it takes a while to connect.

10 Best IRC Clients For iOS, Windows, Android and Mac

There are many graphical IRC clients for Macs. Textual, Linkinus, Snak, Limechat, Adium, etc. Any of these will work for casual use and may be more comfortable for those who are not used to the "Old School" look of text-based chat. It is precisely this "Old School" look and feel that makes it so endearing to those of us who use it regularly. We encourage you to embrace the primitive nature of IRC as it has stood the test of time.

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It is the original internet chat protocol. There is no binary available.

Two windows should pop up, a smaller one that says "XChat: Network List" and a larger one. In the smaller window fill out the nick name and user name spaces. You will also need to change the entered real name since it will auto-fill with your the name attached to your computer which isn't good for staying anonymous.

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  • How Does IRC Work? TOP 5 Best IRC Clients in !
  • Now click the "show details" button. Here you need to enter in "irc. Along the top of the details window click on the section marked "connecting.

    You should now be ready to register your nick etc. For example setup pictures see the next section as the setup screens are similar. Colloquy and Limechat have not been updated for years. — Mac IRC Clients

    If you're an IRC devotee it might be worth getting into it, if you're not already, seeing how it's very very versatile, free and actively developed. But it seems a lot of people just use Discord and Slack these days for the common chat room. I had been using Limechat for quite some time and it's definitely not perfect. Couple of months back I swapped to Textual which was not an easy decision; I am all for open source software that is free of charge; and now I do not see me coming back to anything available. The way it feels and looks is just purely amazing.

    Of course if you're a terminal guy you can go freely with weechat or irssi. Same issue I've had I switched over now to textual seems good so far. I haven't been able to find anything as good as mIRC. Irssi is my client of choice. It has a server function added recently to allow you to run an instance somewhere else and connect to that,which is extremely useful when I switch to my work computer.

    I'd been using Colloquy for the last years. I suspect it'll no longer be on my system in a month's time.