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It's the attention to detail that makes Excel a winner here. For example, both Excel and Numbers feature custom keyboard layouts that can help with entering a large amount of raw data, especially numbers, but it's easier to figure out and use in Excel. In Numbers, you'll need to experiment to find these shortcuts. While both break down functions into categories, even including the most recently used functions, it's easier to find what you are looking for with Excel's readily accessible menus.

The " AutoSum " functions, which predict the data you want to use, can also be real time savers.

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Microsoft did fumble the ball on copy-and-paste functions. You need to tap, hold for a moment and then release. Excel is also a bit finicky when pasting functions where the function applies to the relative data in relation to the target cell. This whole process seems much smoother in Numbers.

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It's completely free to download for all iOS device owners. Meanwhile, Microsoft Office for iPad is free to download and it lets users read, review, and present documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. But, to use the software's full features, including creating and editing, you need an Office subscription. It's rather surprising just how well iWork holds up when compared to Office. Almost all of the features are the same between the two products, with Microsoft Office getting a slight edge in the ease-of-use category and Apple's iWork suite getting a big thumbs up for including charts in the word processor and presentation software.

It's also worth noting Microsoft Office is relatively new to the iPad, while iWork has been around for a few years.

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  4. The feature set may be very similar right now, but Microsoft Office will likely grow and mature as Microsoft gains experience with the iOS platform. All things being equal, though, it's hard not to give iWork the crown. It's a free download, while some of Office's most important features are locked behind a subscription fee. But, if you use Microsoft Office extensively, whether for work or at home, the interoperability between Office for the PC and Office for the iPad is enough to give Office a clear advantage.

    And the Office subscription gives you multiple licenses, so you can install it on your desktop PC, your laptop, and your tablet. Share Pin Email. Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since Updated October 23, Microsoft Office More formatting options for images. More special effects for fonts and shapes. Easy to use.

    Can sync with a desktop PC. Full features require an Office subscription.

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    Free to all iOS device owners. With more than 10 years of experience as a network administrator, Gregory holds an Information Management certificate from the University of Maryland and is pursuing MCSE certification. His work has appeared in numerous online publications, including Chron and GlobalPost. Skip to main content. Tap "App Store" on the home screen of the iPad. Type the name of the iWork application that you want to install into the search bar. Tap the "Install" button, then enter the password for your Apple ID when prompted.


    Tap the iWork application's icon to launch it. While numbers is a great program for creating good looking charts or small simple spreadsheets it cannot match the number crunching power of Excel. Excel is much better at data analysis, with tools such as Pivot Tables. Pivot tables are a data summarisation tool that can automatically sort, count, total or give the average of the data stored in one table or spreadsheet. Numbers also lacks the ability to create look up lists and is it not possible to link with external spreadsheets, which are supported features in Excel.

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    Sparklines are small trend line graphic elements shown in one cell. Numbers does not have an equivalent function. With additional functionality and the ability to support linked spreadsheets, Excel is much more capable at handling large complicated financial models than Numbers. Numbers is a great simple to use spreadsheet program for home use, or for creating great looking documents or charts. However if you need to produce large complicated financial models, need sophisticated data analysis tools like pivot tables, or create linked spreadsheets then the additional functionality that comes with Excel makes it the better option.

    Both applications come with a number of great looking templates, although I prefer the templates in Keynote, as they have superior quality and typography. They just retain an elegance and minimalist design that is typical Apple. Both applications make it easy to work with graphic elements and both support the use of the Mac Media Bowser to add photos or movies. Powerpoint does have several hundred pieces of clip art, which keynote does not provide. However I loathe using standard clip art in my presentations.

    Both applications have a wide variety of 2D and 3D transitions and animations. Powerpoint does have a selection of dynamic content transitions, but not a simple to use as magic move. Both Applications let you animate objects on a slide, although Keynote gives you slightly more control of the speed of the animation between points on the animation path, and Keynote is the only application that will let you animate the contents of a table.

    Powerpoint contains Smart Art, a collection of templates for producing flowcharts and organisational charts in just a few clicks.

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    Keynote does not have a similar function, and these elements would need to be either created from scratch or be build using a 3rd party application such as Omnigraffle and copied into your Keynote presentation. Powerpoint has a greater range of animations, transitions, comes with a library of clip art and has Smart Art. Keynote is also easier to use and has a cleaner user interface than Powerpoint.

    This never happened when I used Powerpoint! Microsoft Office also come with Outlook, an program to manage e-mail, calendar, contacts and to-do lists.