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Choosing the right formula to get! MAC has so many liquid, powder, and gel foundations that I felt a bit intimidated. I counted about 11 different formulas in the store! If you have combination to oily skin, the non-hassle option would be to get a powder formulation while those with dry skin might want to get a liquid formulation. If you have dry skin and want to keep things matte, Studio Fix Sculpt Foundation P2, is a gel-type formula that dries to a powder finish.

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To cop the Korean dewy skin trend, get the new Studio Waterweight Foundation P2, , which is designed to work for any skin type. How does a foundation-matching happen in a MAC store? It all starts with the MAC makeup artist getting to know your skin. They usually ask about your skin type, how much coverage you want or feel comfortable wearing, the kind of formulation you want to try, and the type of finish you prefer.

Based on your answers, the artist can recommend the product that they think will suit you best but you can also request to try any product that strikes your fancy. All three shades are swatched on your jaw line to see how they blend with the color of your bare face and that of your neck.

The BEST *MAC Studio Fix* Dupe Foundations We’ve Set Our Eyes On!

This is very important because the two can actually have different skin tones! If your neck is much darker than your face, the artist will find a shade that lies between the two so that it blends more seamlessly. To be absolutely sure that it was right for me and so I could see how it would look when worn, he applied NC37 all over my face with a stippling brush. Should my concealer be the same as my foundation shade? Ryan says that because concealers are used to cancel discolorations like dark circles and pimple marks, you have to use a concealer shade that will make the area blend better with the rest of your skin.

He neutralized the bluish tones of my under eye area with an NW30 cream concealer that was lighter and pinker than my skin to give it a brightening effect. For my acne, he applied a slightly lighter NC35 concealer because the marks looked dark.


It was really fun finding out my MAC foundation shade, and the experience is just worlds away from going to a department store stall and having to figure out what shade would suit me amid poorly-managed testers and unflattering store lights. The MAC store had well-lit mirrors, clean brushes, and a knowledgeable professional to help me out! You can also find out what your MAC shade is simply by going to any of their stores and requesting for a free consultation. If you want to get actual makeup lessons though, they offer paid classes wherein the fee is consumable with MAC products.

I love the smudger it comes with for when I do smokey eye looks which is most of the time and it lasts the whole work day 12 hours!

Mac studio fix fluid dupe

Holy guacamole is this mascara amazing! I have long lashes but when I use this it looks like I have lash extensions and give me insane volume. I only recommend one, two coats top cause after that you will get serious tarantula eyelashes: Favorite Brushes — e. These brushes are the bee knees: I love e.

Favorite Brush Cleaner — e. Studio Daily Brush Cleaner. If you get like me and get lazy sometimes with brush cleaning this stuff is a lifesaver. This stuff is so simple and quick, spray the brush swirl off product. I finally checked out what all the fuss was about and got my butt over to LUSH today.

I must say I had the best time there and adore the staff!

I was welcomed with open arms and dove hands first into a demonstration of their bubble bars. When they found out I was a LUSH virgin they took me around the store and showed me everything, and demonstrated on me their numerous massage bars, body butters, body tints, by the time I left I was a LUSH expert.

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  • I wish I had purchased more but in the end I walked out with two bath bombs, a bubble bar, and a sample of yummy soap. I loooove the smell of Sex Bomb!

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    I also got a free sample of Sexy Peel soap and it smells like a bunch of lemons which is a great pick me up smell: I wish I could say my experience at MAC was as wonderful. After standing there clueless and ignored for 10 minutes a MAC employee approached me and assisted me in finding the right foundation number for my skin.

    After explaining I just wanted foundation the lesson was over and he hurried up and grabbed the foundation I asked for.